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Trademark Certificated by National Trademark Registration

Published time:2018-7-12 8:57:07 To view:times

    Along with the increasing company size and the expanding of business size, our fame has been spreading widely. To meet the company’s brand strategy and market development trend, we applied for our trademark of  . After Initial examination, approval and announcement, a trademark certification was authorized by National Industrial & Commercial Administration.

    Today, market-oriented economic system is improved everyday and market economy keeps more and more competitive. It becomes a necessary trend for a company to operate in system and focus on branding. On a macroscopic strategic view, brand is a concentrated image of a company; from material meaning view, brand is an important intangible asset of a company, and a critical symbol for company to raise their own fame and cognitive level. In the fierce competition market economic environment, it is the only way out to set up our own brand and strengthen it for a brand effect to win in the competition.

      This successful registration is a key milestone event in the process of brand strategy, which remarks that a brand development is started, and that we have the brand exclusive right. Other organizations and persons who are in the same business field as us are not allowed to use the same or the similar trademarks, or they will violate our exclusive right on the brand. If so, they will be asked to stop right abusing according to laws and we have the right for compensate for loss.

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