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Strengthen equipment manufacturing capacity, promote enterprise upgrading production capacity

Published time:2018-7-12 9:11:30 To view:times

     2014 is the link between past and future in the development of Susen clamps, gratifying year, in March the company moved to Hengshan Road Development Zone, the new plant, the new plant covers an area of 13138 square meters. Also Susen clamps lasts 8 years to achieve 20-40% sales growth. In order to further consolidate the market share and foreign high-end customers, as well as marine engineering requirement; the afternoon of 2014 years, companies invest 4000000 yuan of funds, purchase with NC 4000 grams injection molding machine, CNC 630T forging press, four column press, high-performance punch, CNC drilling machine, CNC water cutting, die casting machine, wire cutting, 30 sets of test pulse table, digital display type universal testing machine and other production and testing equipment. To speed up the upgrading of products, greatly enhance the production capacity of enterprises, improve the overall quality of the product, to avoid vicious competition in the low-end products with their peers, improve enterprise competition ability. All products meet international standards, by foreign customers, products are exported to over 24 countries.

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